True Hunger is the Hunger of the Heart

P1040223Just before the event started πŸ™‚

Yesterday was one the most spiritually enriching days I’ve had in recent months and I would love to share my beautiful, emotionally touching experience with YOU, my dear bloggers. And because healthy lifestyle initiates in the health of our minds, let’s spend following minutes by inspirational reading, moving speech and heavenly music, which I hope will feed your minds and souls πŸ™‚

When my friends asked me to join them for some “Sacred Forest” event at Brunei Gallery of the SOAS University of London yesterday, I immediately reacted with an a positive answer: YES!! And if you think of all these events you went to and then regretted going because it did not work for you, well, this one wasn’t one of them. And you will see why.

The Sacred Forest was an event organized by a registered charity FOOD FOR ALL (“FFA”), which is based in London and believe or not, every single day distributes over 900 free, nutritionally balanced meals to different groups of people with the main focus on homeless people and students, as they regularly queue in front of the University of London. Me and my friends had opportunity to taste this delicious Hare Krishna food yesterday after the event, and I must tell you that we’ve literally licked our plates clean. Smiling lady served us with variety of very well seasoned vegetarian food which, when combined together, made your taste buds satisfied as never before.

562104_4025131405451_993680223_nReady for Indian delicacies πŸ™‚

The Sacred Forest was a special charity fundraiser event, which included many beautiful moments, starting with drama performances that helped us to leave our everyday problems behind the door of the gallery, and take the most of this evening with clear souls and minds. Later on, the group of students made us laugh with the very creative and funny video called: “WhatΒ  would life be like without the Hare Krishna lunch queue at SOAS? I posted the video here for you, it’s really worth watching (otherwise I wouldn’t post it πŸ™‚ ).

This was followed by beautiful musical performance from the Launchpad, from which I got goose bombs all over my body, and when watching the audience, I am more than sure I wasn’t the only one. I quickly grabbed phone and camera and tried to record a video Β for you, so I advice you to take a couple of deep breaths and relax your mind and soul with this magical melody from Sacred Forest.Β  So now relax, enjoy….and maybe sing :).

The next big, not big….huge part of the program was the speech of Radhanath Swami, who is a Hare Krishna guru, author, social activist and spiritual leader who explained the importance of discovering and growing the sacred forest in the depth of our souls. During his one-hour speech, Radhanath took us back to world of humility, humbleness, gratitude, grace and unconditional love…the world that silently lives in everyone us, but it’s being locked by all the society’s conventions and simply can’t be let out. Swami started his speech with words:

“I remember in my travels, meeting a very gracious and holy person who told me the the greatest need of the world is food, nourishment. The greatest problem in the world is hunger…but not just hunger of the stomach. Because if you give some food, you can solve that problem. It is hunger of the heart. What is the need of a heart? If we have enormous amounts of wealth, fame, power, prestige, but we don’t have inner fulfillment. Can it be happiness?”

Swami made us laugh and cry at the same time by telling us all the, sometimes hardly believable, stories of his travels around the world, ending in the Indian holy town of Vrindavan, where he found his path amongst the Bhakti-yogis. Swami told us where is the origin of his decision to direct his life in the way of spirituality:

” What really is it that I am looking for in life? There was a silent call in my heart that day by day was calling me away from all of theΒ  pursuits that the whole society around me were telling me; to find the purpose of life.”Β 

Swami recalls meeting his spiritual teacher who taught him: ” The real hunger is of the heart. The only thing that can satisfy the hunger of the heart is to love and to be loved.” Swami beautifully compared human body to a vehicle:

“The body is like a vehicle. On the road in London, some people are driving Rolls Royce, some Mercedes, some Toyota, some are riding on motorbikes, some bicycles..there are all different kinds of vehicles. You can change your vehicle, but you can’t change the needs of the driver. The needs of every driver is to love and to be loved.”

Swami talked us through the negative impacts that today’s materialistic society has on people’s perception of each other:

“The real wisdom is the ability to see every living being with equal vision, because when we experience this spiritual essence within ourselves, we see that same spiritual essence of heart of God, of child of God in heart of everyone. Whether they’re black or white, yellow or red. Whether they’re of one religion or another religion, or no religion. Male or Female. Human or elephants, cows or dogs. Wherever there’s a life, it’s sacred.”Β 


Radhanath Swami

Despite all the delicacies we’ve been served after the performance, I have to say, that it wasn’t the food that nourished me yesterday. It was Swami’s unforgettable, touching and purely true sharing of wisdom with all of us who were looking up to him as flowers look up to the sun to gain at least one ray of light. And this light of Swami’s teaching fed us as any food possibly can. I am happy to share with you the extract from his speech.

After this soul uplifting experience, our emotions were hit by another and final musical performance of Kirtan yoga from Jahnavi Harrison. As I have never been to any Hare Krishna spiritual performances, I was speechless from what I saw and heard. Listening to their heavenly voices, singing and moving with the rhythm trully opened a door to a special place within our hearts, to the place with no mundane limitations, with no envy and no pride…to the sacred forest.

Listen to the whole performance and watch how the musicians played with the rhythm of 2 verse composition and the reactions of the audience within this musical crescendo πŸ™‚

While writing this post, I received an email from the organizers of The Sacred Forest event, with a huge THANK YOU headline, giving us their sincere gratitude to everyone who came along and supported this project. The last part of the email consisted of three lessons, that had been picked up on the virtual journey through The Sacred Forest. And as a big THANK YOU for all of you who read and enjoyed this post, I would like to share with you these three simple wisdoms, that have always been and always will be subjected to the laws of universe.

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32 thoughts on “True Hunger is the Hunger of the Heart

    • Thank You Tanya:) It was really wonderful event. If you feel like experiencing something similar, search for some Kirtan Yoga classes near the place you live πŸ™‚ It is a big injection of positiveness to your body πŸ™‚

    • Thank You very much Clarabelle πŸ™‚ This event was unforgettable and it’s always easier to write about such beautiful experience. Look forward to reading your next posts πŸ™‚

  1. Andrea, I’m glad you “liked” my Mothers Day post, it gave me the opportunity to view you blog and I must say “it’s so moving” and uplifting! Thanks for sharing, I look forward to reading more! πŸ™‚ Have a wonderful day and keep smiling!

    • Hi Linda,

      you made my day by your beautiful comment πŸ™‚ I enjoyed reading all you blog posts and I look forward to reading your future ones.
      Many thanks,
      Andrea πŸ™‚

      • I have been MIA for a few weeks, but will be back on track and back in the swing of things, including my Blog! I am now following yours and will see any updates you post!

        Make it a great day.
        Linda πŸ™‚

      • Great πŸ™‚ So have a great time with reconnecting with yourself and getting back to blogging. I am excited to read your next posts πŸ™‚

        Have a great weekend,
        Andrea πŸ™‚

  2. Wow, that sounds like quite the event! You captured some great quotes. Thanks for sharing and thanks for checking out my gluten-free cookie recipe yesterday. Have a great day!

    • Hi,
      thanks for positive comment πŸ™‚ Yes, it was really wonderful event…one of those you remember whole life πŸ™‚ And yes, Your gluten-free cookies are already on my recipes list πŸ™‚
      Andrea πŸ™‚

  3. Andrea, thank you for loyally following my blog. I’m new to blogging, and I’m getting emails from people who SAY I can make money from blogging? What’s your take on this? I’m also thinking about BUYING traffic…its not cheap, but my hope is to sell copies of my 5 ebooks. What’s your opinion on buying traffic??
    Regards David.

    • Hi David,
      I would love to help you but I am also new to blogging and I don’t know much about this area. But I believe that promoting your blog this way would only help you to sell your books and let people know about them.
      I am sorry I couldn’t help you more 😦

  4. Great post! Hare Krishna comes to my school as well πŸ™‚ (LSE). I wish I had known about this event! I would have loved to learn more about Food for All.

    • Great πŸ™‚ If you want to know something about them…..start with visiting their lunch queue in front of SOAS…..the delicious taste of their food will be a good start πŸ™‚

  5. Yes. The illustration of the car holds up. My lady needs $1000+USD of chiro to her hurt back and hesitates. Geez, to make a temple better, YES!. Our car cost $7000. So what. So the technology of the body is “amicapathogen”- made by love and maintained by love. I made that word up because all the love in my heart said to. Syntax? Sinnah! Hahahaah.

    So that inspires me what the guru said about love. Thanx.

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