7 Healthy Breakfast Tips

visitorsbreakfast-7An American writer, Robert A. Heinlein, once wrote: “One should not attend even the end of the world without a good breakfast.” Although most of us would say that his words are only a pure exaggeration, I am more than sure that if our body could speak, it would highly disagree with us.Β  The importance of a healthy breakfast is often challenged by the demanding requirements of our 21st century lifestyle, which either forces us to eat some sugared doughnut with big latte on our way to work or to skip breakfast completely.

The food we eat for a breakfast serves to wake up our metabolism and also works as a signal for our body, telling it that it will be nurtured regularly throughout the day. Eating your breakfast guarantees you to be physically and mentally prepared to face all the morning challenges that wait for you on your work or school desk.

However, never forget that to start your day with healthy energy and healthy thoughts, you first have to choose healthy breakfast. Here are my 7 healthy breakfasts I use to prepare for myself πŸ™‚

IMG_22071) Β “Sketchbook” breakfast that will paint your dayΒ 

While the eggs and broccoli stems are cooking, I cut the smoked salmon and cheese into small pieces. I add rocket salad and multi seed cracker to balance the taste of my not only colorfully looking but also colorfully tasting breakfast. When everything is cooked, add the broccoli stems and eggs cut into halves.

IMG_2083Β 2) Sweeten your day

Are you rushing to school or work without any spare time? Have a look in your fridge and grab all the fruits you see. I guarantee you that you will cut them beautifully within couple of minutes and enjoy their refreshing taste. My favorite combinations are berries with banana, green and red grapes and pears with Pink Lady apples. Our body can absorb all the fructose and vitamins from fruit the best in the morning time till 1PM, so don’t lose this brilliant opportunity.

IMG_21893) Hercules Breakfast

This is one of my favorite breakfast that I eat when I feel very hungry in the morning and I know I will need lot of energy for the following day tasks. I simply wash some green salad (Rocket always wins for me), add tomatoes, onion, peppers or any kind of vegetable. Then I add pieces of roasted salmon with honey and some cheese. Finally I season it with drops of olive oil, salt pepper and mix of beans and peas (this one contained baby peas, Azuki and chick peas).



4) Liquid Morning Pleasure

It often happens to me that I wake up and I don’t feel any hunger, but I know I don’t want to start my day with an empty stomach. In this case, I prepare myself a proper healthy liquid breakfast. In the first case, I mixed blueberries with little bit of milk and banana and in the second I replaced blueberries with strawberries. I love this breakfast because it’s very refreshing, healthy, and you can have so much fun with it by combining various kinds of fruits together. Have Fun πŸ™‚

IMG_14375)Β Generous Fridge

This is what I call: What the Fridge Gave Me. In this case I had a flat bread with light Philadelphia,Β  ham, cheese, baby salad, corns, olives, peppers and baby tomatoes. Requirements met: Easy, Quick, Tasty and Healthy.


6) Healing Breakfast

My good old porridge… This is my absolutely top favorite combination with berries and banana. Not only healthy but healing as well!! Fiber and other whole grains that can be found in oatmeal help to clean out your colon.

IMG_22257) Breakfast for Two ❀

This is what I call jumbo breakfast….you know those kinds you need to eat before something big like flying to the moon or climbing Mount Everest. On this plate you can find corns, broccoli, tomatoes, feta cheese, olives, garlic, salmon, rocket salad, peas…and you can replace or add any ingredients you wish. Get ready for a difficult day by this energetic bomb or grab another fork and share it with your partner ❀

Lastly, short poll and some wisdom from my favorite Winnie The Pooh….. on breakfast. Enjoy cooking ❀


I would be very thankful if you answered this simple question just for my own interest.


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97 thoughts on “7 Healthy Breakfast Tips

  1. Reblogged this on Food Aficionados and commented:
    Lately I have been not eating breakfast, the most important meal of the day! In fact, I have been so busy (as revealed in my lack of posts) that I tend to skip lunch. So, when Andrea visited my blog today, it was a wonderful treat to read this post…. If you are like me, this post is a great start to get you back on track…Enjoy the read!

  2. Great breakfast suggestions. I noticed that your breakfast suggestions include alkaline foods as well – good show! I also like rocket salad.
    I usually eat four eggs in the morning, sprinkled with various powders (such as Turmeric, Tribulus Terrestris, Maca, Zinc glutonate, Fenugreek, Suma root, Panax Ginseng, Fo Ti, or Muira Puama. These herb powders are mainly for energy, endurance, and libido.

    • Hi,
      thank you for a great idea… I never tried most of the spices and powders you mentioned here. I will definitely include them in my next cooking πŸ™‚
      Thank You

      • That is my downfall… Too often I do not eat breakfast… In fact, too often I do not eat from the time I wake up until I get back home from my office. Then I do not stop! πŸ™‚

      • I know that….I used to be like that….just choose some peaceful time of the year, start working on regular eating…and you will get used to it so much…your body will never want anything else πŸ™‚

  3. Great blog on what is one of the most mundane and important subjects! Really expresses the higher octave of the mundane in breakfast. These are rockin’ breakfast ideas. I always smile and shake my head and chuckle when people who are really really busy will make sure their car doesn’t run on gas though will regularly run themselves on fumes or nothing saying, “I’m too busy.” I love the looks when I respond, “And, you’re cars empty gas tank would say what as it rolled by the gas station to the meeting you then won;t make happen?” Now, I’ll respond, “There’s this one blog you’re going to enjoy.” Your artistry of food composition should do the rest. Thanks much, Andrea.

      • wow, responding as my breakfast is cooking. Shoulda waited until after. “you’re” to be “your.” won;t to be won’t.

        Case in point: breakfast is important.

      • Hi,
        thank you again for your beautiful comment πŸ™‚ You’re absolutely right with the ‘car example’…..Philosophy of living for a present moment is beautiful but not when it comes to health….we should always think ahead….I am happy you liked this post and enjoy breakfast tomorrow πŸ™‚

      • You’re very welcome, Andrea. πŸ˜€
        Hail the Yellow Car.
        And, living for the present is not beautiful when it comes to health… except when it comes to a consummate knowing of what to take in… health being naturally integrated armor and all that… where impulse equates to rockin’ stuff when you have a great and natural sense of what’s going to juice you wonderfully long-term.

        Keep up your great work, Andrea.

        Best to You as well,

  4. Oh this is what I have been looking for in the last three years. I am so happy that you visited my blog and now I have something to use as a guideline. I am going to try all seven tips when I go food shopping again. Thank you for visiting my blog and thank you for posting this article.

  5. Obviously you have a very successful message, Andrea. I will be checking back to explore it, and thanks for the visit to our site!


  6. Love these breakfast ideas. I particularly love oatmeal with fruit in the morning, though if I’m in a hurry, a protein shake with juice and whey protein isolate will get my brain moving better than coffee. Sometimes I have both. On weekends, home made fried rice with egg and tofu can be really good too. Thanks Andrea. Inspiring.

  7. Awwww….you had to cap it with Pooh!! Dear heart! The plates look beautiful. Did you get the page How to Eat? With all the technical trouble I’ve been having the last 2 months, I’m not going to assume it reached you. You don’t have to put up any type of response on it – just would like to know the page got out okay (I do have a word there on mixing proteins). Diana And thanks for the recent comment, Sweetie.

  8. Yes, fruit would be most effective in that window of the day. Fruit energy is expansive (as opposed to sinking, like meat). So it serves the body well in the hours of activity and movement. I’ve updated the How to Eat page. Diana

  9. a kindred spirit. i have to admit, i’m not super big on fruit (i have whatever the opposite of a sweet tooth is), but i might have to suck it up and give a few of these ideas a go. your porridge looks great, i might try it with rice and toasted barley instead.

    i just finished my post on the importance of breakfast, although i’m a little embarrased to admit that my style tends to lean towards idea #7’s “breakfast for two.” i’m a hiker/farmer/fisherman on the weekends, so i like to eat hearty.

    • Hi Misha,

      thank you very much for your kind comment πŸ™‚ Well, our bodies talk to us in a very special and beautiful way….and your body probably likes to eat hearty breakfast πŸ™‚ which is not bad if it’s healthy πŸ™‚

      Wish you all the best and keep up the great work πŸ™‚

  10. A real great post ! Love the article it is so helpful and I love the bright colorful pictures of food ! It looks delicious πŸ™‚ You have a lovely blog here . Best wishes and Love xx

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  12. Great advice! I have tried a couple of these myself and they are good. Now, I stick with my oatmeal and fruit! Thank you as well for visiting my site.

    Better Days…

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