100 Tips on How to Become Happier = Healthier:


1. Smile at strangers. It’s the quickest energy booster between two people. Long-lasting, genuine and unlike Starbucks, absolutely free.

2. Drink plenty of water, no matter how far the bathroom is.

3. Buy a small glass bottle, fill it with water and carry it everywhere with you.

4. Don’t forget to drink it, of course.

5. Forget about the existence of lift. Imagine it is a large moving box that eats people. Don’t go in!

6. Eat something colorful, your organs have eyes too. And I don’t mean pack of Skittles.

7. Get angry if you need to, rage against the pain, erupt with anger. There’s no extra place inside you to store that negativity, release it, let it go.

8. Spend some time with children, they know much more than you. And unlike your mean colleague, they’ll tell you everything.

9. Go to Youtube and type: 432 Hz music. It’s a healing music, mathematically consistent with the universe. Listen to it.

10. Laugh as much and as often as you can. You will always remember those days.

11. Make yourself beautiful sometimes. Wear that beautiful dress, put the make up on. Shine, radiate beauty from both outside and inside.

12. Workout with Jillian Michaels. That woman will kick your butt.

13. Eat 5 times a day.

14. Don’t check your e-mails when talking to your friend. It’s extremely rude.

15. Don’t go somewhere just because you want to post a picture of yourself on that place on Facebook. You won’t look good in it anyway.

16. Walk. There’s no fresh air, cool people and surprises in a car.

17. Drink fresh juice instead of coffee in the morning.

18. Air out your bedroom before going to sleep. You will have sweeter dreams.

19. Learn some new skill. Learn Vietnamese, prepare sushi by yourself, learn how to drive a plane…or study shorthand (like I do nowJ).

20. Help unconditionally. When you don’t expect anything in return, that’s when you will be helped the most.

21. Sleep in the colourful duvet-covers. They will paint your dreams bright.

22. Start your day with healthy breakfast. The healthier your start your day, the healthier you’ll want to eat throughout the day.

23. Cook with love. And if you can’t love enough that day, don’t cook at all. But if you really have to cook, don’t cook anyway. It won’t taste good.

24. Don’t spend much money. But don’t you ever think of saving money on food. Walk 10 more kilometres, omit buying new bag rather than filling yourself with cheap sandwich.

25. Spend some time alone with yourself. But only when you feel you can benefit from it.

26. Always wear comfortable shoes. You never know where the day takes you.

27. Read Shakespeare, Wilde, Dostoyevsky, Rumi, Hemingway, Poe, Tolstoy, Salinger, Twain, Whitman, Virgil, Orwell, Dante, Kafka…

28. Get some marker, highlight the words that made you shiver and scream them out loud, get them under your skin.

29. Call your parents. Even now. Tell them anything that happened to you during the day. You will make them unforgettably happy.

30. If you can’t call them anymore, write them a letter and leave it in a place where you feel safe and happy.

31. Don’t think too much.

32. Listen to some musical masterpiece.

33. If you can’t think of any right now, listen to this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=okiVXN8skfc

34. Play it so loud, it will drown out your own thoughts.

35. Don’t eat junk food, not even from time to time. Do you jump off the bridge from time to time when you know it could kill you?

36. Go to concerts, performances, theatre plays, movies, conferences, presentations. You will never regret the money and time you spent on them.

37. Volunteer in something you really enjoy. The best salary comes in moments, not in bank notes.

38. Eat, drink Aloe Vera, it’s a damnably good plant.

39. Travel.

40. If you can’t travel, watch documentaries about the Earth. You must always remind yourself of the world’s beauty we live in.

41. Close your eyes and travel to those places in your mind. They are more real than you think.

42. Sit on the grass when the weather allows you to do so. Sink your fingers into those greenish grass-blades. Connect.

43. Sleep.

44. Don’t take energy from other people. It’s selfish.

45. Don’t eat too much sugar. It has only a few benefits for you. Actually, it has none.

46. Eat banana instead.

47. Work on those abs. Have fun with it. Shape them the way you want to. See how miraculous human body is.

48. Be proud of yourself.

49. Don’t complain.

50. Unless you talk about politics.

51. OR weather.

52. OR complaining about people who complain too much.

53. Take pictures.

54. Write a diary. Not every day. Once a month is enough. Every single day you’re different than you were yesterday. Once you turn 86, you will appreciate the conversation with that 20-year-old self again.

55. Talk to people. If your brain didn’t always stop your mouth from speaking, it would speak nonstop.

56. Hug people with love. Even if they don’t want to.

57. Turn the Wi-Fi off. It turns your brain into a popcorn.

58. Live the way you want. If you want to have a simple life, have fun and enjoy it. If you want to live deeply, suffer and learn from it. Make it clear what’s the purpose and goal of your life. But don’t ever mistake these two.

59. Take care of your teeth as if they were your children. Remember that good health begins in your mouth.

60. If you don’t like Sushi, don’t eat it. There are hundreds of other cool meals.

61. Eat slowly, no matter how many people around you will get mad.

62. Eat ginger. It’ so awfully healthy, that I even forgot why.

63. Oh yes, it warms your entire body and it’s a great herbal remedy for nasal and chest congestion.

64. Get a massage. As many of them as you can. There’s no limit for good body massages like with eating sweets or drinking beer.

65. Eat onions and garlic. These two ‘Bad Breath Kings’ will boost your immunity like nothing else.

66. Make love.

67. Don’t buy cheap cosmetics. The more you save on it, the more you’ll have to spend on expensive creams in the future, it’s a continued proportion.

68. Call some of your friends out. I mean, call them right now. Unlock that Apple – Contacts – Dial…

69. Wash your hands well and often.

70. If you travel too much, get one antibacterial soap. But don’t touch all those mucky bus handrails, eat your snack and wash your hands after. The sequence is exactly opposite.

71. Sip green tea.

72. Don’t think that the carriers of healthy lifestyle like me don’t ever do anything unhealthy. (Look at my hair, and please never dye it like I do, it’s so unhealthy)

73. Do some cardio exercises during the week. Even jumping in the middle of your living room while watching X Factor counts.

74. Eat olive oil.

75. When cooking, imagine that the plate is a canvas and you were just asked to paint the most colourful piece in the world.

76. Watch old Disney cartoons. There’s so much love in them.

77. Plan one Christmas without presents. You’ll feel the difference.

78. Prepare dinner for your friends or family.

79. Eat nuts.

80. Multitasking isn’t cool at all. Focus on one job, one person and give all your energy in it. Be mindful.

81. Say 5 Thank You’s every night before going to sleep.

82. Love your commute. Enjoy the way you travel every day, find good sides of it.

83. If you feel that reading newspapers takes your energy by throwing all the negativity on you every morning, don’t read them with apathy or sadness, become the helping tool and send energy to those suffering.

84. Let go. Leave your past in behind that bus door this morning. Build a new day.

85. If you’re not in a good mood today, don’t pretend to be. People will know anyway.

86. Don’t try to be perfect. Don’t want to know everything. Focus on what you’re good at.

87. Set new goals. Endure.

88. Go for regular check-ups. Don’t listen to all doctors’ advice. But always go for a check-up.

89. Go to the nature. Smile into the sun. Breathe in the fresh air. Smell those roses.

90. Go to some parties. Have fun.

91. Remember that guy from the high school who said that smoking and drinking was cool? Is he still your hero?

92. Don’t take anyone and anything for granted.

93. Buy a good mattress.

94. Try to avoid having computer, TV or any other electronic device in your bedroom. Bed and window is all you need for a great sleep.

95. Don’t eat too much. Always finish eating with half-full stomach.

96. Drink before eating, but never during or shortly after.

97. Nibble some chocolate.

98. Stay positive.

99. Live



84 thoughts on “100 Tips on How to Become Happier = Healthier:

  1. That is better than life’s little instruction book, Andrea. I’m going to try (9) 432 Hz music- I having ring in the ears. On (54) I have a photographic memory of a picture I drew of “Me at 40”. I’m 40 next April and I look like that drawing (oOoOo!). And many more. So I’m wondering, since my life has been healthier since I’ve met my wife, you must be some lucky fellow’s health from heaven… (101) For Andrea- find heaven on Earth, wherever, whoever, what-ever.
    You is the ever bestest Anglisch food an’ water teacher

    • 🙂 Tell me more about the drawing? What did you paint there? Thank you very much for point 101:) I wish the point 101 to every single person, animal, plant, living, non-living organism…in this world (including you).

      • Well, cyberuncle Andy (Moi) could tell you that the drawing was quickly scrawled out, close cropped hair, hoping to have the resolve of my step-grandfather, a Princeton grad in divinity- he was widowed TWICE and with such a dragging grief, however he managed to get up, he went on to proposed to my grandma in their 80s! She grew sick and in the room with me, 19, my si and law 28, bro 28, he broke up and cried, sobbing. If ever you see a man sob, knowing his third wife was dying and empathise, well I sobbed in my own hands too.

        We were the only ones crying and he cried on the shoulder of my sis in law and then said to my bro, “Is that okay?”, so careful not to be inappropriate, but she is such an angel. 20 years ago. His death was troubling, from a stroke… but get this… he went to Princetin, champion of the pulpit and selected for public view a very special thing- simplicity… a pine casket. Humility, excellency. He told me he felt “the calling” to pastorate, but said to me “The Lord can call you to work at Orange Julius” his concession to me. Absolutely encouraging that this call was to greatness in being, and maybe vocation. But excellent character a must.

        As for painting, I painted many I gave away, one was of a man in a mask. My wife said she immediately recognized him. I modeled myself. Her dream was THIS man in her life. I painted a painting of a woman who was pregnant. Turned out my sis in law who was Chinese was, and the pregnant woman was climbing out of night into day.

        Also had a lucid dream of her standing while a tsunami of waters immistakable to be cleansing grace washed over her in great force. Since, I have gotten to know her trials and challenges, that this dream was how else to say the “all is clear for grace for her”. Shes had to fight in life and my cue was… SUPPORT HER.

        In 2005, 2006 I did accidently surpasding old fashion “divining” writing on sheets of paper “ELIXE”, “exile” backwards, as if to say, “Oh God, I want out”. I drew a picture of a man being slingshot off the Earth… and a picture of a man, woman and monkey-man on a boat.

        Contemplating dying, out of money, recently let go from a metals factory, I was really ill I receive a phone call from a friend whose monkey just threw her phone into a tub. This prompted her to… just call friends A-Z. I was the second Andy, first to answer, so my drawing of the man, woman and monkey man came true I suppose. That and a week previous, I was not eating well or much, which sucked, but I was walking home when a feeling like a message hit- “You will be married soon”. I immediately believed it… 6 months later my wife and I had our own place and I delivered pizzas and worked at Columbia Sportswear in shipping.
        Uh… thats not normal, but I did pursue God in prayer quite directly and intensely, lighting candles and I really was a wreck. I recommend getting like 30 tea candles and light them. Sit there with music. You can totally know you have troubles but feel hope.

        I feel like screaming, shouting the good I have found, and many fancy different intensity of exuberance!

        Andrea, I read this last “100 tips, and I’m like, “Oh yeah… do not stop, woman!!” I got my bottle (the wine was good, took off the label) and that’s my ode to ya, lil sister with lots of spirit. I believe in you.

        (The monkey was Metu. Born in 1978, lived to 2009… 31 years old. Went to monkey heaven. Lil punk girl monkey literally saved my life. All in the timing. Total freefall. I’m not a charismatic Christian, but Ive had a few unexpected, er- dreams while awake since I was 15. I’m sure Einstein would have a theory. I call it translucent Nautilus (non-linear) time ).

        Hope your day is great!

      • It’s unbelievably beautiful how perfectly you remember all the details related to moments in your life. Only if I could remember so many of them too 🙂 You should write books Andy….you would be new James Joyce or Ginsberg…..writing with your emotions not with pen 🙂

      • i somehow missed this comment… thank youuu… i believe i have fundamentally had a major change in my mind and brain… it has everything to do with being at the dinner table of life, knowing your father is volitile and vastly powerful (like god) and you have a brother in the room who has your back (the metaphoric and metaphysical christfigure) and like Holden Caulfield… and fewer f-bombs, you approach god. Its elusive yet inner and inundation. My word is beat and my creator, author of Earth I… he watches?? We have the POWER in mind and PEN to go beyond philosopher to politician. (Thomas Jefferson)

        I am tired of tv, intertwerp, you tube, running… Ive been working as a citizen with OSHA, Sheriff, clergy, I talk to people wherever- gas station, doctor, telephone senator, corporation, get people rewards.

        Im a type of inverted mad man and i mean to replicate gladness, biblical consciousness and worship that doesn’t suck. Live life as a walking PEN and write it here. I sometimes wonder if I share to much, i’m a bit cold or numb… but there is so much garbage… it comes from thought, thought is electrical and I have a cool blue hades to download.

        its inverted rage…
        What i’d really like to do is to design some fish tanks and meditate

        I bought fruit… trying to decrease inflammation…

        at your age, I was cutting lawns, didnt have a car, no girlfriend. I quit… then hiked in the Olympic Natl forest… nature and cold WRITE deep into you… its really funny Im writing NOW. But its easy to have material… just survive!!!

        and andrea…. you rock!

        £ 4 £…
        u r
        [#[«««« {(°:}>
        i know jack
        and i think best
        o u t s i d e
        Of the boX

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  4. Publish, publish, publish… Andrea? Who ARE you? You rock.

    This reminds me of Tony Robbins, Buddha…
    The best of self-help accelerated from a spiritual core, do you want that life where you assist heaven to give life? You remind me of a young Teresa of Calcutta… I think people do wonder, “Who IS this?”.

    This writing of yours is Mjölnir caliber. It belongs on the literary battlefield where there are no guns, only couriers.

  5. A hundred great points! A super post, neat and simple, yet effective. Thanks for sharing and for visiting my site!


  6. This is great. I love the helpful tips. Definitely inspiring to read and helpful for the soul. Thanks for sharing this!

  7. Andrea, I have been eating life itself with my eyes. Rather than stop, I blink often, sleep 1/3 of the time. I noticed in your pictures, you take in sunlight, arms out. That looks really healthy! Well, I may be a little facetious, but I think that eating carrots and oranges can also lead to consumming happiness, sunlight and contribute tk almost-carnivorous hugs of loved ones. Well, I know in England the sun can get obscured much like in Oregon, so I hope you will have a sunny day in your heart. I mean, surely! 🙂

  8. Ah that is a lot of stuff…pretty good advice actually! I do not know if I will do all of that, but some…for sure…xx

    • Hi,

      good question 🙂 if you plant aloe vera, you could cut its leaves and drink the juice but it’s a bit complicated process, that’s why I would advise you to order 100% Aloe Vera juice, for example from Forever Living Products 🙂 I hope it helped 🙂


  9. I just LOVE your tips on living a happy, healthy life. I’m going to print this and put it up where I can see it everyday, a constant reminder on living life to the fullest! Thanks for your visit, it has led me to you! 🙂

  10. Happiness is always a choice. It has been proven over time, time after time, that even those who have crisis or bad times still can make the choice to be happy IF they choose to do so. And that is how easy it is to be happy. I have been happy since I was a child and it is always by choice. It is so much more fun being happy. Being happy doesn’t mean not having any cares or concerns, it means only that you don’t let your cares or concerns rule your life nor do you allow them to take your happiness away. Look at any of the children in hospitals, even those who have terminal illness and you will see proof that happiness , indeed is a choice and it is the one of the best choices that a person can make in their life.

    • Hi,

      thank you for a very beautiful and deep view of yours. Honestly, you answered one of the questions I ask myself very often….if there is someone out there who is always happy….the entire life….I am happy to know there is…..it gives me…us..a hope. Everything is a choice.

      Thank You
      All the best,

  11. all great tips, I especially follow the one about always wearing comfortable shoes! too bad so many people feel it’s a social imperative to wear uncomfortable ones. 😦

  12. I am reading this and come to 46. And just laugh. Because I was reading it while eating a banana. 😀

    Also, “If you want to have a simple life, have fun and enjoy it. If you want to live deeply, suffer and learn from it.” – is it really a choice? Hmmmmm

    • Hi Ivyon,

      what a funny coincidence with the banana. Yes, you’re right with the second point you raised….It’s sounds a bit shallow, but I meant it more in a way that we should pick our own life philosophy…Learning comes from suffering, or understanding life’s darker side as well (which is just another form of suffering ). Or you can decide to dance through life, enjoy it as it is, accept it….which doesn’t mean that no suffering’s involved, but you try to avoid it, or fight it…just to be happy for yourself….a bit complex bunch of my thoughts….:) You’re right…I should reword it differently. THANKS for pointing this out 🙂

      • I am honored that you took my opinion in consideration 🙂 I agree that everyone choose their life philosophy but onla as an adult, in our childhood we are put through so many situations we have no control over and they scsr ud for life… Then when we found our path – and many of people don’t know where to look or won’t admit and adress the problems they carry for years and scars that sre making them unhappy. But when we do find a path we will suffer to get to it because change is not easy, although it’s rewarding in every way. So, from my point I don’t think we can choose where we will be born, who our parents will be and how our growing up will go, but we can choose, if we see the importance of it, how we will deal with problems, both ghost from our past and present. 🙂

  13. Reblogged this on Health and Fitness and commented:
    As a seulement to my 100 New year resolutions that you could stick with, I find these 100 ways to a happier you quite interesting, fascinating and adaptable. Looking forward to a happier you as we begin March

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