Kirtan-Peaceful Hysteria

Reblogged from my second blog: A wonderful 6 Hour Kirtan Anniversary in London’s Covent Garden.



I drink the last sips of black coffee on my way to the Swiss Church in Covent Garden. I give my spare change to an old, bearded, homeless man, who leans on the church wall as if he welcomed me there. “God bless your day,” he mumbles with a toothless smile. “Thank you,” I reply back with a feeling of artificial heroism. I hear the group of voices coming out of the church gate. They are singing in the old Indic language. I follow them like a dog that has just smelled the scent of fresh meat, with mobility and excitement.

A smiling Indian lady, dressed in a blood red sari, with a shiny silver piercing above her left nostril and strong oriental perfume welcomes the visitors with a friendly gesture of tapping them on the shoulder. “Welcome to our first anniversary of 6 Hour Kirtan meditation,” she warmly…

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