New Year Leek&Chickpea Cream Soup

396B0472The ride number 2013 has come to its end, and I don’t know how about you, but I want my 2014 one to be as healthy as possible, because if you are healthy, all the rest you need is just few steps away. To attract more health into our lives in this year, it would be great and symbolic to prepare something tasty and healthy, so our bellies get used to it and they will always remind us of the importance of healthy cooking for the next 364 days. My Healthy New Year 2014 recipe is the Leek&Chickpea Cream Soup. Enjoy!

What do we need?

1 leek

1 cup of cooked chickpeas or 1 can of chickpeas (fresh chickpeas cooked by you are much better than a can!)

1 onion

1 clove of garlic

250 ml of cream

parsley leaves

olive oil


black pepper

slice of bacon

How to prepare?

 1. If you have fresh chickpeas, let them soak in water for one night

2. The next morning, cook the chickpeas in water until they’re soft. Sometimes it may take even more than 2 hours


3. Cut onion and garlic into tiny cubes and sauté them on the pan



396B03914. In some 7 minutes, add leek cut into slices/cubes and sauté all of them together




5. Add cooked chickpeas and sauté all the ingredients for some 3-5 minutes.



6. When cooked, leave some water from chickpeas at the bottom of the pan and mix everything with electric hand mixer




7. Add cream, salt and black pepper


8. Serve with a slice of bacon on the top


9. Enjoy this yummy “belly warmer”

I hope this greenish liquid miracle will be a great kick-start to all those great and healthy moments that are waiting for you in 2014.

 Have a Healthy New Year, Dear Bloggers!!

Recipe: Michaela Králiková

Photos: Me


32 thoughts on “New Year Leek&Chickpea Cream Soup

  1. First of all, thank you for the “like” on my blog! Much appreciated…and it’s what led me here. This is a good thing. Why? I LOVE leek soup!! I hadn’t tried it with chick peas, though; there is a very good chance I will be putting my hand-held blender to use this evening! 🙂

    • Hi Sean,

      thank you for your kind comment. I enjoyed reading your Wednesday’s words of Wisdom and I’ll be happy to get back to your great blog 🙂 Great to hear that you plan to try this recipe 🙂 I would love to hear how it went.

      Good luck and Happy New Year

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  3. This looks amazing!! My mom mentioned having me over to make this on the weekend. Go figure!

    -Emily @ Emily’s Fitness Blog

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