My 50 Personal Health Assistants



Healthy Lifestyle, diet, getting fit, eating healthy, being more energetic… if you included any one of these in your New Year resolutions list, I am here to help you to keep all of them in the easiest possible way. Living a healthy life isn’t anything you could inherit, or buy in a shop- it’s a priority you choose. To decide to live healthy is the most important bit in the whole process of becoming a healthy human being, everything starts in your head. And once you’re determined to endure in this fight, all the rest conspire in helping you to achieve it. Where would I be, if I didn’t have my “Health Assistants”, that are always keeping me on the right track, whenever I need it. I hope you will find some useful tips, items or ideas for “healthy gifts” for you or your love ones in this blog post.


There is nothing better than starting your day with a fresh fruit juice made right in your kitchen. It has been proved that juicing helps you to absorb all the nutrients and vitamins from the fruit and vegetables, it removes toxins from your body, aids digestion, and helps you lose weight. I am using the Philips Whole Fruit Juicer and it’s very easy, quick, dishwasher safe and the result is extremely tasty. Definitely worth the price. Cheers to your health with a glass of juice!

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Sugar addiction is something we, ladies, could talk about for hours. However, damaging effects sugars has on our health have been proved many times, so we must find a way out of this unhealthy relationship. I help myself with Nākd bars, which are made from yummy natural ingredients such as fruits and nuts. They are wheat and dairy free, with no added sugars or hidden extras. Try them out!

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One small glass of Aronia juice every morning will kick asses of all the bacteria that will try to attack you during the day. Berries of Aronia are very high in antioxidants and essential phyto-nutrients. They contain vitamins like vitamin-C, vitamin A, vitamin E, beta-carotene and minerals like potassium, iron and manganese. Order your first bottle and feel the difference. The healthy smile is a purple smile!

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With water it’s just like with people, we can be physically clean, but our inside can be weak and dirty. There is a range of crystals which are safe to put into your drinking water in order to charge it with crystalline energies. Crystals will remove toxins and charge the water with negative ions, as it has been proved that higher number of positive ions in the air can be harmful to our health. Amethyst or Citrine are some of the examples of crystals that will cleanse your water like no water filter. Start using it and in some 3-4 weeks, try water that wasn’t cleansed with crystals, its taste will be completely different.

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We tend to relate candles to religious ceremonies, birthday cakes or the power cut, but there are many other benefits of candlelight. Candles have a very strong calming effects, that help us to reconnect with ourselves and slow down after a hard day at work or school. Choose the scent and colour you like and include a “candle time” in your day plan. My favourite ones are Yankee Candles and Amazon has some great prices.

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Vitamin D or sunshine in a bottle is one of the most important supplements our body needs. Vitamin D is different from other because our body manufactures it by itself with enough sunlight exposure. It is an immune system regulator, absorbs calcium and boosts metabolism, fights asthma and prevents getting depressions. Living in countries with low sunlight  (like the UK), it is very important to add Vitamin D into your eating plan. You will mostly find it in pharmacies as Vitamin D3 or Cholecalciferol.

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Keeping your feet warm is very important as it helps to maintain a healthy blood circulation and improves your sleep. Buy couple of pairs of funny warm socks and wear them while you’re at home. Don’t buy the ones I wear in the picture as they have little bells, so everybody knows my location in the house when I’m waking. 🙂

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The power of gemstones has been known and used from the earliest times of mankind. Each of the gemstones has certain healing properties and should be chosen according to your needs or intuition. Gemstone is a wonderful piece of nature in your hands and its power is much bigger if you receive it or give to somebody with love and good intentions. You should carry them with yourself, but if you feel like you’re losing things, you can buy a bracelet or necklace with your chosen stone. Here is the link with brief explanation of some of the gemstones, where you can also order any you wish J.

Buy here:



Even though I am using this cosmetics only since September, my skin’s reaction to them was surprisingly very good. Their products are made of natural ingredients such as Aloe Vera, Beeswax or Propolis, so they heal any skin imperfection and keep it protected, nourished and moisturized. There isn’t anything that Forever Living Products wouldn’t offer in their wide range of products ranging from creams, moisturizers, antiperspirants, up to antiperspirants, and Aloe Vera drinks. Try it on yourself!

Buy here:


10. TEA

Every one of the countless number of teas offers some benefits to your health. If you feel that coffee isn’t something that makes your stomach happy, try to replace it with a cup of tea and be without remorse that you harmed your health. Experiment with various tastes and kinds and find the one that tastes well and makes you feel better. My absolutely the most favourite kind of teas is in the following link. Check them out!

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If you prepare teas from dried tea leaves (which is much better than buying teabags or instant teas with “god knows” what’s inside) , there is nothing better than getting your own tea infuser. And there are so many cute infusers in the shops today that you may have a great fun with choosing one. I bought the dolphin!

Buy here:

dolphin_teal12. GINGER

The number of medicinal health benefits is almost impossible to count. Ginger helps to maintain your blood circulation, improves digestion, prevents you from getting cold or flu as it warms your entire body, it reduces pain and inflammation and strengthens your immune system. Include it as an ingredient in your cooking, prepare a ginger tea or eat it raw. That’s all you have to do to be healthier.

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Having a healthy sleep is important if you want to have smile on your face for the rest of the day. Saving on mattresses and pillows is not very wise as medicine and back surgeries you will have to undergo later on will cost you much more. Memory foam adjusts to the body and evenly distributes the body weight. It supports your neck and rest of the body along its natural lines, relieves the pain and improves the sleep. My favourite brand of memory foam pillows is Dormeo.

Buy here:



Spirulina is a natural algae powder that is very high in proteins, nutrients, B-12 and Chlorophyll. It has high natural iron content, that’s why it is recommended to people who suffer from anemia. It is a great immune system booster, it helps to treat allergies and thanks to its high content of calcium, it protects your teeth. I bought this powder version at the Body, Mind and Soul exhibition in London and I take it from time to time when I feel my body needs some health booster.

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I am sure that if I opened the Google and typed-healing benefits of music, I would find countless number of them. But I somehow don’t feel like reading them now. All I know is that the right piece of music at the right time and right place can do magic with my both outside and inside health. I know that each of us has its own preferences, but from a healthy point of you, I advise you to listen to 432 Hz music which is known as Verdi’s ‘A’ –an alternative tuning that is mathematically consistent with universe. It has many healing properties and I advise you to create a 432 Hz album on your Spotify Playlist.

Listen here:



“Angel Therapist”- that is someone you won’t find in your local hospital or health centre, but you may become one if you want to. Everyone of us has a Guardian Angel that connects us with God and makes our lives more peaceful if we accept his help and advice coming to us in various symbols and moments. If you feel like this is too spiritual and unrealistic to you, buy at least one little statue of angel, any one you will like in the shop. Whether you believe it or not, what can be bad about having an angel in your room…in your life?

Get some here:



I am always smiling when I see my mum talking to her flowers. She talks to them with such joy and love as if they were her own children, sometimes she even sings to them. This always makes me think of what is the relationship between flowers and humans? We give them water, sunshine and some talks and singing too, but what do they give to us? Researchers found the answer for my question which shows that flowers boost our mood and make us happier. But I still like them more in the field or forest, wildly growing without any limitations…but from time to time, make someone you love happy with a beautiful flower. As Claude Monet once said: “I must have flowers, always, and always.”

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Are you also dreaming of running across the huge Lavender field, somewhere in Provence, gently touching their flowers and breathing in their seductive smell? Lavender is an excellent herb that isn’t used in cosmetics only, but it’s a commonly used food ingredient as it helps to treat upset stomach. You can also buy lavender pillows and sleep on them as they fight insomnia and treat depressions.

Buy here:



C Vitamin is undoubtedly the most popular vitamin out of all, mainly thanks to the enormous range of health benefits it has. C Vitamin boosts immune system, prevents your from eye diseases and skin wrinkling. Its daily intake is questionable as some doctors say that you may take an unlimited amount of C Vitamin as your body absorbs only the amount it needs and excludes the rest of it. Of course, the healthiest way of eating Vitamin C is in fruits and vegetables such as citruses, aronia, cabbage, kiwi, tomatoes and peppers.

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Linking to what I said in the previous point, if you are diligent in the vitamins intake, you may want to purchase this amazing bottle, which juices lemons or smaller oranges rather than soaking them in the water. Unlike most of bottles, this one is made of glass, which is known as the healthiest drinking, plus with a beautiful design. Its using is very easy, you can refill the bottle limitlessly and put it into the dishwasher in the end of the day.

Buy here:



I love sweets, but I love my body at the same time, so there is only one love that can survive in this romantic battle. And I decided to open the door for the second one. That’s why I replaced eating sweets by various kinds of fruits and fruit juices as most fruits are naturally low in fat, sodium, and calories. They are sources of many essential nutrients, potassium, dietary fiber, vitamin C, and folate. I can’t imagine my life without fruits, can you?

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Our lungs can’t function well in the environment of a dry air, that’s why it is always recommended to buy the air humidifier when living in dry climate. There is also another excellent way how you can utilize your humidifier with the intention to improve your well being. Put a spoon of Himalayan or sea salt into the humidifier, turn it on and inhale the salty vapour coming out of the machine. It will cleanse your airways and any infections in your bronchi and lungs. Don’t forget to turn it off just after the inhalation, otherwise your room will be covered with salt crystals J.

Buy here:



One of the most famous fairy tales in my country is called “Salt Over Gold”, telling a story of a king who underestimated the importance of salt, so the magic fairy let the salt from the entire kingdom disappear. Only after that he realized the importance of this natural treasure. If there is anything you shouldn’t save your money on when shopping, it’s an ingredient of a daily used-salt. Himalayan pink salt is one of the healthiest, being in this world for more than 250 million years. It is uncontaminated with any toxins or pollutants, not like a table salt, which is made of 97.5% of sodium chloride and 2.5% of chemicals such as moisture absorbents, and iodine.

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Although I suffer from many allergies, which forces me to limit using of this brilliant natural medicine, I can’t not to include it in my list of health assistants. Honey is antibacterial, because the bees add an enzyme that makes hydrogen peroxide. It reduces throat infections, heals ulcers, wounds and burns and treats intestinal disorders. You can apply it on your skin, as it will kill bacteria and moisturize it. And it’s a great way of avoiding sugar! Replace white sugar with honey and you’ve got some great natural sweetener.

Buy here:



If you think that honey is the only amazing products that bees are diligently working on, you’re not right. Propolis is the resin that bees use to seal their hives and it is collected from beehives to be used as a natural supplement. It is a brilliant medicine for infections and inflammations as it has antibacterial properties and it soothes the pain. One tablespoon of Propolis a day can have a significant impact on your health. You can also apply it to bruises, cuts, red skin or on your gums. I eat Propolis when I have some particular problem, but it can be used all year long as a prevention. And as I mentioned in the point 9, Forever Living Products have amazing Propolis cosmetics.

Buy here:



If you feel that you are sensitive to Wi-Fi and electro smog and you can’t sleep well, put some shungite pyramids into the corners of your room and have sweet dreams again. Shungite is an ancient rock, extracted in the region of Karelia. Shungite contains almost the entire periodic table behaves as an antioxidant that fights free radicals. It increases immune system and purifies by actively interacting with electromagnetic fields and neutralizing their negative impact. It also purifies water and can be used as a water crystal mentioned in the point 4.

Buy here:



If you opened my first aid box, this is what you would find at the top of it. Homeopathy is a natural medicine used since the beginning of 19th century. Unlike traditional western medicine, the model for homeopathy is based on individualization, treating patients on the principle of “like cures like”. Homeopathy can treat a wide spectrum of mental or physical diseases, it’s absolutely safe to be used by children and pregnant women, it doesn’t interfere with other medications and doesn’t have any side effects. Find a good homoeopath and treat yourself with a natural medicine that is made just for you!

Buy here:



If you visit the dental care section in your local drugstore, you will discover many toothgels that promise to whiten your teeth within a week of using their product. However, most of these “miraculous” toothgels contain several bleaching agents and fluoride, which cause salivation, nausea, vomiting, epigastric pain, and diarrhea. In bigger doses, its regular usage can lead to paralysis, muscular weakness, respiratory and cardiac diseases. Don’t be afraid to spend more money on high quality toothpaste without fluoride. Health begins in your mouth, don’t forget!

Buy here:



Ancient Egyptians said that the shape of pyramid has many healing properties as pyramids generate negative ions (as mentioned in the point 4), that have generally balancing effect on the body’s electromagnetic field. Pyramids bring balance, relaxation, tranquillity, well-being, and in some instances, the reduction of headaches. You can buy pyramid of your favourite gemstone, quartz or any other crystal and place it anywhere in your room, nearer to your bed, the better.

Buy here:



Serrapeptase has become my Vitamin C number 2, I never walk out of the house without taking one. Serrapeptase is made from an enzyme that helps remove blockages in your body, working as a natural pipe cleaner that dissolves arterial plaque, blood clots, cysts, and scar tissue while eliminating pain and inflammation. If you suffer from any cardiovascular diseases, allergies, joints pain, or you simply want to strengthen your immune system, order one from Enerex.

Buy here:



Hair is an important part of your body and we should take care of thoroughly. When choosing your hair cosmetics, opt for more natural products that will nourish not only the beauty of your hair, but its health as well. I am using L’occitane Repairing Shampoo made from essential oils and wheat proteins and it maintains the healthy balance of my coloured hair.

Buy here:,82,1,29453,262841.htm



A lunar calendar is a calendar that is based on cycles of the lunar phases connected with signs of the Zodiac. Each day or period of days is influenced by an astrological sign, which influences a specific part of the body. It also determines the best days for gardening, dieting, health appointments or skin treatments. I always cut my hair on the recommendations of the Moon and they really grow faster!!

Buy here:



Wherever I go, my list of my favourite recipes is always with me. Why? Well, I am not an elephant, I can’t remember them all, and I always want to have a little piece of home wherever I travel. I have two books or recipes, one is handwritten and I hope I will fill all the blank pages of it. The second one is in my favourite Ipad app called Recipe Book. Keep cooking your  favourite meals wherever you go.

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Download here:



Quartz crystal is something that should not be missing in any home as it creates a perfect balance and harmony of energies. Quartz crystals protect you from negative energies, balances your chakras, reduces bad vibrations and helps to calm down your body and mind. If you live in smaller room of flat, one crystal is perfectly enough, but if you live in a house, I would advise to buy at least three of them. Put them into the corners of the room and charge them on the sunlight at least once in two months.

Buy here:



Acupuncturists claim that our entire body is displayed on our hands and feet. There are more than 7,000 reflex points on your feet and you can improve your medical conditions by massaging them. According to the experts, by putting pressure on particular reflex points, the human body can unlock stored energy that can soothe and treat many health problems. If you don’t believe in this, next time you have some health problem such as stomach pain, try to push the reflex point of the stomach on your feet and see what you’ll feel.

Buy here:



If you want to upgrade your home acupuncture self-treatment to even higher level, start using massage walking carpet. Its functioning is  based on the acupuncture theory by massaging or stimulating the reflex points on your feet. It will improve your blood circulation, promote metabolism of cells, increase secretion of endocrine glands and strengthen immune system. Wake up your organs as often as it’s necessary. 

Buy here:



We live in a time of sedentary lifestyle which our bodies weren’t originally adjusted to. The lack of walking, exercising and wearing of wrong, flat shoes can lead to many serious back problems resulting in surgery. Visit your orthopaedist and ask for a pair of orthotic shoe inserts that will be made just for your feet. If you for some reasons can’t do so, buy some general ones that will offer you at least some arch support when walking.

Buy here:



No matter how many gyms I hit, how many dance classes I attend or do some great jogging, walking is and always will be my favourite form of exercise. It’s fun, easy, refreshing and absolutely suitable for every age category. Walk at least 40 minutes a day and you will feel better, lose weight, strengthen your bones, boost you Vitamin D levels and my favourite part – it will lift your mood.

Get here:



If you take walking seriously enough, you can work on yourself and make even more healthy steps and go above your limit. Buy a pedometer and watch how many steps and kilometres you walk in a day and try to challenge yourself with more and more. My by now biggest record was 37 kilometres and now I know, I can do even more….so can you.

Buy here:

Screen shot 2012-06-12 at 05.19.4540. BODY SCALE

I hate when someone says: “ I was afraid to step on the scale.” What kind of statement is that? I would say: “ I am afraid to undergo a surgery just because I didn’t weigh myself for all those years.” Stepping on scale and accepting reality isn’t anything we should be afraid of. Buy one body scale and control your weight balance, remember that your body isn’t strong enough to carry the excessive number of kilograms, help him a little bit.

Buy here:



When you attend gym or do physical exercises regularly (which you should be :)), you should wear sport clothes. It’s much more comfortable and it soaks up sweat. And with today’s choice of design, you can choose your favourite colour and fashion.

Buy here:



If you are a regular “exerciser”, there are many kinds of sport equipment that can improve your exercises and  help you to build your abs faster. My favourite ones are dumbbells and rubber bands which I try to use daily. This investment will come back in much better form and your body will be shaped as never before.

Buy here:



Couple of months ago I replaced my chair with a gym ball and I think that my body has already showed me some hints of gratitude for this change. Sitting on a gym ball improves your posture, reduces back pain caused by sedentary lifestyle, and helps your body to stretch. And as a bonus, you can use your new “chair” during your exercising.

Buy here:


44. GYM

I know that gym membership isn’t affordable for everyone, but if you have the option to attend it regularly, don’t miss it. Apart from great equipment, cardio machines and professionals who are there to give you advice, you are in the environment where people go with the same intentions. It may sound silly, but it creates a positive energy when everyone focuses on the same aim, which makes your exercising much better and enriching.

Go here:



If there is someone who can always make me jump out of my bed and start exercising half awaken, with toothbrush in my mouth and pyjamas still on, it’s Jillian Michaels. Her workouts are perfectly prepared, planned and timed, leaving you healthily exhausted. Her workouts will  shape your body, leaving a nice layer of muscles you can spot in as few as 30 days of exercising, speaking from my own experience.

Buy here:



We all need a food for our soul, coming to us in any form that suits us the best. But how about feeding your soul and body at the same time? About one year ago, I discovered Kirtan and I felt in love with it from the very first second. This Indian divine mantra will take you back into yourself and help you to find your balance in this busy time. You can connect just by sitting and listening to wonderful music, or you can join with singing and dancing. Read my blog post about one of the Kirtan events ( I attended and decide by yourself.

Kirtan in London:



Although I agree that planning isn’t the best thing to do in every occasion, but it’s always good to make a brief skeleton of your day and make sure that you include some time for yourself in each of them. Don’t forget to plan exercises, time for cooking and at least one day for “yourself” in your week agenda and you’ll feel much better.

Buy here:



There isn’t a better place to be lost in than in a great book. Get scared with Stephen King, ask Shakespeare about love, feel Goethe’s pain, philosophize with Dostoyevsky, fly with Harry Potter, or motivate yourself with Jack Canfield. There are so many worlds that are locked in pages of the books…visit them.

Buy here:



International best-selling author of The Journey, Brandon Bays, famous for cellular healing and clearing of longstanding emotional blocks made a special cards edition of The Journey. These cards are designed to awaken the infinite wisdom within you and gently guide you to embrace power that comes to you from Heaven’s door. Work with your faith and intuition and guide yourself.

Buy here:



My last health assistant is something you can make by yourself, it doesn’t cost anything, it doesn’t hurt and works 100%-ly. It’s a one and single, only, beautiful, charming, mesmerizing, pure smile that can change vibrations of your life in a second. Because…..“A warm smile is the universal language of kindness,” William Arthur Ward.

Get here:



50 thoughts on “My 50 Personal Health Assistants

  1. Thank you so much for this great post! So many items listed in your post is something I have, but haven’t really been using. I am no re-inspired. In fact, I am going to make me a homemade ginger tea to warm me up today. Thanks again! Kim

  2. i like this. the personal health assistants. will def keep this as an idea for a post of my own. helps you keep focused and realise how much help you really have if you look hard enough. i’ve taken up walking once or twice a week and twice a week i do a work out at home using something called the aeromax training system. basically hook hook up resistor bands in your door and use your own body weight as resistance. I admit that december has made me lazy. holiday. going out. eating out. going to the beach and eating at the beach. xmas. new yrs. braai’s (or as u guys call them, bbqing) lol.. but imn back at work next week, then my routine is back to normal and far less temptations to fight with. at least i haven’t gained the weight i lost so far

    • It’s so great you made this decision 🙂 The best one!!! I am happy I found you here on WordPress and also that you joined my little community of healthy eaters on FB. And of course….good luck with competition. Results will be posted on February the 1st 🙂


      • Hi Andy,

        Were you trying to tag me on the post? I can tag myself if you would like. Thank you, I know it is the best decision for me right now. I really need to change some things around and I figured my health was the best place to start.


      • Hi Etta,
        yes I tried, but you don’t have to tag yourself, I just wanted to let you know that you are in 🙂 Absolutely!! And I am sure that by showing how healthy life….you will inspire many people around you!!!

        Good Luck and stay in touch 🙂

  3. Pingback: My 50 Personal Health Assistants – Competition Inside | Chakra Toaster

    • Hi Courtney,
      thank you for your kind comment 🙂 I am very happy you enjoyed reading it!! I am happy to read your future healthy posts 🙂

      And don’t forget to join the competition 🙂

  4. This is a great list! I am guilty of owning a juicer and never even opening the box 😦 I should probably try it out and get on board with the juicing thing lol

    • Hi,

      thank you 🙂 Hmmm I bought them in Austria….I am not sure whether Austria and New Zealand share the same socks trade 🙂 probably not …:) but I am sure your will find some nice ones 🙂

      And don’t forget to join the competition 🙂

  5. Wow! Such a healthy post. Thanks for sharing these great health assistants; although some were known to me but rest of them crossed my mind just now. Thanks again 🙂

    Love, AS

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