15 Life Lessons You Learnt From Growing Up With Disney


1. Be Kind To Everyone* (* – May Vary)

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2. No, really. Be Nice To Everybody. Kindness Is Disarming

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3. Enjoy The Little Pleasures of Life

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4. Love Yourself ! Kiss That Mirror And Give Yourself A Big Hug.

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5. Ask Questions. Be Curious.Don’s Sit At Home. Go Out And Observe. Life’s Here And There, In And Out, Right And Left. Don’t Miss Anything.

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6. Be Spontaneous And Do What Makes You Happy. But Set Up Some “Fair” Rules So That Your Spontaneity Doesn’t Hurt Anyone Around

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7. There’s So Much Life In Everything Around Us. Don’t Take Anything For Granted.

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8. The Answers To Most Of Your Questions Lie Within You. Look Inside.

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9. Share What You Have With Others. You Never Know What Nice Things It May Lead You To.

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10. Not Everyone’s Equally Fortunate In Life. Make sure you share your fortune and make someone’s life better (at least once a week 🙂

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11. Love The Difference. It Makes Our World Unique.

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12. Always Remember You’re Stronger Than You Think. You Never Fight Alone In Every One Of Your Life Battles

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13. Always Use The Right View Angle When Looking At Things

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14. Keep That Inner Child Within You

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15. Don’t Forget To Be Crazy. You Won’t Get Out Of Life Alive Anyway.

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