Quote 5



5 thoughts on “Quote 5

  1. Plant your roots.
    Overcome any obstacle.

    I am going to do you an odd favor and takea flamethrower to your wonderful phrase to test it. It will be fair and kind.

    I have recently been diagnosed as no hopeto live. Malarky. Brutal sticks. I can drive off a cliff. No!! 1000 times no.

    I uprooted out of the trusting of even my own spouse. Oh! Did I cheat? And ruin another lady’s quest? I am wise. Not dull. The grief was deep with real crud health stuff. But after all… no matter what they say you have, you can do as you bid.

    Take the duke stance. Not a king. Not a bum. Tell off everyone if you need to. But always encourage others destiny.

    How do you KNOW another’s destiny? Ha! Oh, God. Serious?? Whatever you put into a person that they accept from your power is your vote of YES!!!

    I vote yes on Miss Andrea because she is tops and not very many are 4000 miles away from my nuclear blear else they’d MELT. Andrea is the Princess of Blondness of England, a healthy dear young woman and an acceptor of sunlight as a recharge for her smile. England- I charge you to vaue her… or I will vote America invade and absorb the kingdom and make Scotland the capital city State.

    Now I’ll put down my 100 ounce pint and say prost to the girl who makes fruit… fun.

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