10 Ways How YOU Can Help Gaza


It was Martin Luther King who said: “Darkness cannot drive out darkness: only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate: only love can do that.” Let’s light our hearts up and send love to those in need. There’s nothing more we can do from behind our laptops.

1. Send love to those suffering as well as those who create it. Both need it equally.

As Dr. Payne quotes Russian writer Vladimir Megre in his book on mass thought power experiments: “The power of collective thought makes use of energy unparalleled anywhere in space. And it is capable of creating marvelous worlds on the one hand or, weapons capable of destroying the planet, on the other hand”.

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2. Don’t judge, it’s negative. Political powers don’t represent everyone in the country. And those who are responsible will be judged somewhere else. Send love to those who need it as well as those who lack it.

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3. Don’t  be ignorant of the conflict. Don’t believe everything you read, but read a lot. Don’t  say what you are not certain of, but say a lot about what’s happening. Don’t give up on hope, but help those who gave up on it. Don’t let your everyday routine to forget about those whose routine is changing every minute.

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4. Go to demonstrations.Talk to people there. Talk to Palestinians, talk to Israelis. Listen to the stories of individuals for only they represent the real, fleshy outcome of the conflict. Stories are to be shared, not forgotten.

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5. Share your observations on social media. Let’s outnumber the irrelevant posts by the necessary ones together. Let’s fix the world’s priority ladder.

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6. Make yourself a badge and wear it on your clothes. It doesn’t guarantee you will change someone else’s mind about the importance of the conflict, but you will get inside their heads. And from a spark, a fire starts.

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7. Man is one of the few creatures in our galaxy whose happiness depends on happiness of those of his kind. Our blood is what connects us, and every brutal bloodshed committed on human race resonates deep within everyone of us. Let’s not ignore that sound.

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8. Pray. With no need of religion, sacred place, nor a holy book. Dive deep within yourself, discover that unique prayer and address it to the right place.

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9. Still think this is pointless, weak, vague…? Still think this is just a “little something we can do”, but won’t help anybody? Think of what you’re doing now to stop it. Nothing? Well, something is always more than nothing.

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10. Please, share this list.

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4 thoughts on “10 Ways How YOU Can Help Gaza

  1. A definite share. I wanted to do a post on this but found it so difficult to articulate what I wanted to write. This just sums the conflict up so beautifully and what those of us who are watching in the news in horror can do.

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