HELP Jodie to fight her battle with the Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity


Jodie Venables is a 26-year-old young lady who’s suffering from ‘Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity’, a condition caused by exposure to wifi and mobile phone radiation. At the moment, Jodie is dependant on her mum Sheila, who has been supporting her from the very beginning of her condition, but it’s an uneasy battle.

Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity (EHS) is still not medically recognized in the UK, and sufferers of this condition have to conduct and finance their treatment by themselves. Despite Jodie receiving huge support from her mum, the costs of her treatment (tests, detox) are unmanagable.

I have spent a day filming with these two wonderful ladies and I’ve posted a short clip where Jodie and her mum explain more about the severeness of her condition.


I am setting up this fund to help both of them to fight this dangerous  disease, which is affecting all of us equally. Only that some people are more sensitive than the other ones. Doctors and politicians are shutting the doors on helping the EHS sufferers like Jodie, so let’s open our own.

Please donate anything you can to help Jodie to get her treatment and live a full life. The funds will initially be used for her treatment.

Many thanks for any help or support in advance.

Here is a short clip from our interview recorded in Reading, 5th of March 2015.


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