Summer on the Plate


Not all summers happen to be tuned to a sweet note, even though there are so many expectations we have from this enlightening period of the year. But there is nothing that would stop us from bringing little pieces of our own sweetness in any way we can. My favorite piece of a sweet but healthy summer heaven is all yours now…:)


2-3 sour creams

Mix of any fruits you like (berries, banana, peach, apricot…)

2 packs of  sponge fingers ( I found wheat-free, yaaay)

2 small packs of Vanilla sugar / sugar with vanilla extract (16grams together)

1. Cut fruits into tiny pieces

2. Unpack sponge fingers and make a layer at the bottom of the pan. Mix sour cream with vanilla sugar.

3. Make a cream layer on the sponge fingers (don’t be afraid to put more, so they soak well)



4. Start layering all kinds of fruits on the cream layer.


5. Repeat the process: sponge fingers, cream and fruits again


6. Make a last layer of sponge fingers and cover them with the cream396B2197

7. Chocolate powder on the top is a MUST 🙂


8. Some last decorations and jump to the fridge396B2210

9.  Feel free to enjoy this summer beauty 🙂


Send me pictures of your summer creations 🙂

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